To celebrate the Agroforestry Open Weekend 2023, join us at FarmeED for an Agroforestry Farm Walk on Monday 20th May.

Alleycropping across the 8 year crop rotation at FarmED, just one of the agroforestry systems planted this year. Trees provide shelter and browse for livestock grazing our herbal leys, and will be coppiced for woodchip in the future to maximise light during arable years. Photo by James Mountain.

As part of the Agroforestry Open Weekend 2023 we are running a taster event on Monday 20th May to show the benefits and challenges of agroforestry and what we are doing at FarmED:

  • Silvopastoral & Silvoarable coppice alley cropping in the 8 year arable rotation with mob-grazed sheep and cows
  • Silvohorticulture alley cropping in the market garden with over 200 fruit trees
  • Optimised Shelterbelts
  • Heritage Orchard undergrazed by sheep
  • 8 acres farm woodland
  • Hedges
  • …and plenty more planned for the future!

Join us for a taster into the world of agroforesty. We will start with a hot drink and some cake while we give an introduction to the farm, before we take a walk around the agroforestry here at FarmED. You will leave with a better understanding of your agroforesty options and next steps.

We are running this event as part of the Agroforestry Open Weekend 2023 (17th to 20th May).

Tickets are £20, to book your place visit our booking page.

Silvohorticulture alley cropping in the 5-acre market garden at FarmED. Photo by James Mountain.