We are delighted to be taking part in Agroforestry Open Weekend 2024
Our farm

2 Fields is a Community Supported Farm with local people involved in growing local food. We ‘grow with nature’ and use permaculture principles. We have a wide diversity of crops, trees, activities and people!

2 Fields has 24 acres on the edge of Debenham village. We have fruit & nuts, vegetables, ‘pig club’ & a flock of Shetland sheep. We host the ‘Debenham Shed’, affiliated to UK Mens Sheds. A community tree nursery grows trees from local seed for local planting and we are grafting traditional fruit trees to add diversity to hedgerows and for orchards.

We acquired the land in 2011; 24 acres of what was intensively farmed heavy clay land which is seasonally waterlogged. Initially we pasture lifted and added pollen & nectar grass mix before setting out the agroforestry rows, woodland, orchard, forest garden and meadows.

Our agroforestry

Inspired by Martin Wolfe & Stephen Briggs, we planted 400 fruit & nut and rotational coppice trees. The fruit trees, on a medium rootstock, are set in rows 12m apart. The alleys are currently planted under a countryside stewardship scheme. We also have currants and one alley for the piglets each summer. They turn & fertilise the soil ready for panting vegetables the following year.

The Forest Garden was inspired by time spent in Africa where women grow within the forest canopy. We are learning what trees and plants grow best on our soils and we are now propagating these plants to expand across the 2 acres.

The Orchard of 65 varieties was planted in 2012 with trees, grafted on large rootstock, by the Suffolk Traditional Orchard team. We now have our own supply of scion varieties for grafting in the nursery.

In Field trees supply forage & shade for livestock in our 6 paddocks.

The Woodland was planted 2011/12 with a diverse collection of broadleaved native trees. The majority species are Oak and Hornbeam.

Aerial View of 2 Fields – Google Earth. Spring 2021

Planting vegetables

Where to find us
2 Fields, Low Road, Debenham IP14 6BJ.

West of Debenham, past GP surgery, past Tulloes, past Maltings Farmhouse you will see a track on the left leading to the Barn.

Agroforestry open weekend 2024

We will be open to visitors:

Friday & Sat 2 – 4 p.m. Please don’t turn up outside these hours.


Parking will be available on the meadow.

There is an accessible toilet.

The land is difficult for those unable to manage uneven terrain.

Assistance Dogs welcome. Unfortunately dogs are not permitted.

For more information contact Jeannie Buckingham: 07935921941