If you want to see what a really small operation just starting out looks like, then this is (probably) for you!

This is a half-acre (90 x 20m) space mainly dedicated to the propagation of agroforestry / “forest garden” principles.

It has been in operation since I moved here in 2020 – that’s a little less than four years to date.

The soil is two feet of light sandy loam overlaying chalky bounder clay: very free draining quite alkaline soil. Not the most promising material to start with!

Starting out with sheet mulch plus a few trees and shrubs planted through in the autumn of 2020, it is now possible (just!) to see how shading facilitates establishment of microclimates and different herbaceous plants.

Aims are:

  • Increase resilience to extremes of heat, rainfall and drought
  • Promote biodiversity
  • Improve the fertility of the soil
  • Provide a resource for the neighbourhood
  • Demonstrate that agroforestry can work on these scales
the agroforestry

I’ve been inspired largely by Martin Crawford’s demonstration 2 1/2 acres in Dartington, Devon. I would describe what I am trying to do here more as “forest gardening” than “farming”: using a soil and light first strategy to work with the vertical structure and layers of planting, all the way from just below the canopy to underneath the soil, including climbers.

There are all sorts here: top fruit & soft fruit; “system plants” that feed the soil, distract predators and attract pollinators; and other useful plants for tying materials, canes etc.

It’s quite a mixed economy here though: there are a few veg beds and a couple of polytunnels (for season shifting / experimentation / nursery).

These are a few photos taken earlier this year just a flavour:

how to find “ARCADIA”

The site can be found at:

“Arcadia”, Mile Road, Carleton Rode, NR16 1NE

I find using an app like Post Tag is helpful in finding this address. If you use What Three Words then projects.highbrow.silks will find the address. Otherwise the address is about a 1/4 mile west of the center of the postcode.

Please write to me at: andrew [underscore] d [underscore] scott [underscore] uk [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

(replace the text in square brackets!)

To set expectations, what is here can be seen in probably half an hour – though more time might be needed for talking!

agroforestry open weekend 2024

The site can be seen, strictly by arrangement, at any time over the entire weekend. Please write to me to book an appointment.


I am happy to provide refreshments and invite you into my house for a chat, as appropriate.


There’s plenty of level hard standing parking available, but access is narrow. Normal road vehicles will be fine, but a mini bus probably won’t fit!


Unfortunately dogs are not permitted on site, for any reason.

disability access

I have some restricted mobility myself and welcome all comers. Most of the site is level; the paths are laid down to gravel.

more information?

All are welcome. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to see what goes wrong, and what didn’t work, as well as those that are somehow against my best efforts actually working. I’m more than happy to learn and share ideas.