Orchard Blossom Day

We are delighted to be supporting Orchard Blossom Day!

Events may include picnics, tours and activities, orchard produce to taste and buy, and the simple pleasure of walking amongst the blossom. Blossom Day is partly for the joy of celebrating orchards as magical places for the benefit of people and nature, and appreciating what an important local resource they are for local food production using wildlife friendly methods.

Orchards are places where lots of different sorts of fruit trees grow, from the familiar apples, pears, cherries and plums, to the less widespread, greengages, nuts, medlars and quinces, all having many different varieties but they are under threat and are in need of conservation. Events will take place all over Europe – from Britain to Tyrol, from Transylvania to the Atlantic.

This new Day will complement the hugely popular Apple Day events in September and October started by Common Ground in 1990 to celebrate the apple harvest in all its variety.

Find your local open orchard or discover more about heritage orchards at www.orchardnetwork.org.uk.